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You'd love to host a traveling exhibition, but need design, contractors, research, and installation that is too much for your small group. Look no further as Laughing Guava can wrangle all the players, funders and moving parts into a timeline that allows you to be the perfect host while meeting museum standards.


From painting and photographs to modern art and historic artifacts, Laughing Guava will install your components with care and competency. Installers are fully insured.

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Do you need additional linear feet in your gallery? A way to re-arrange your existing public space? Archival storage space overflowing? Sometimes an outside perspective can change the way you look at things. Let Laughing Guava redesign your space and help you with construction, or take the ideas and make it happen in-house yourself.


Train your staff in new techniques and help your bottom line. From artifact handling to mount-making, installation techniques or collection storage, no lesson is too small. Offering hands-on lessons to lectures, there are many ways to train staff and volunteers in using museum best practices.

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